Athens trip

The Greek capital of Athens has been a pivotal focus of culture and civilization for many thousands of years, nowadays it’s undergoing a period of urban renewal under the watchful presence of the magnificent Acropolis.

A very many things have happened to the Greek capital in recent years and decades, one of the most important being the pedestrianization of the historic centre, which has totally changed what it looks like and the atmosphere of the entire place.

There’s been a marked shift in the way in which the city and its population lives in recent years, Athens becoming a much more cosmopolitan city where gradual gentrification is taking place, and new art and leisure precincts are popping up all around the place.

Now the historic centre has been brought back to part of its ancient shine and splendor ever since driving through it was forbid and the major ancient sites have been linked by what is Europe’s longest, and some might argue, most stunning pedestrian promenade.

This is a huge archaeological park now, a place that blends the city’s history with its present, allowing for the cultural and social life to once again sprout up around these monuments as it did long ago.

Considering its location on the continent, the weather is generally hot in Athens which make spring and late autumn the best times to visit it, since the summer can get really hot and really dry. Winter is colder with rain and even snow on rare occasions, however it is the low season so it might be the ideal time if you want to visit the place and not break the bank.

Many a visitor will leave with the idea that Athens is a place of vibrant and relaxed lifestyle at the same time, a place where people have time for endless coffee breaks and evening strolls. Despite all of this you’ll find that many Athenians will gladly talk to you about their cities many shortcomings, however with the mention that they wouldn’t live anywhere else.


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