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A trip to Makadi Bay

A trip to Makadi Bay

Sometimes, all you need is a stretch of sand and a sunny day. Where can we find that? One answer to this difficult question is in Egypt. A trip to Makadi Bay, as you will see, will bring you sunshine, energy and will do wonders in case you are suffering from melancholy.

Egypt is also an excellent spring destination, since the weather here is much warmer than in other places of the world for the season. Makady Bay is one of the top resorts by the Red Sea. It lies just 30 kilometers away from Hurghada. From there, you can employ some transfers from Hurghada Airport to Makadi Bay and drive swiftly to your destination after your flight.

They say every man must brave the desert at least once in a lifetime. Metaphorically speaking or not, there are few places on earth where you can experience the endlessness of the desert dunes as Makadi Bay. But the seaside is just as amazing.

A day trip from the town to Giftun Island National Park can provide the perfect getaway. You can dive in the waters of the Red Sea to admire the coral reefs, get a boat trip on the gentle sway of the waves and sunbathe on the golden sand. Other activities of choice include dining at one of the restaurants which line up the promenade or simply enjoy a relaxing walk.

Other accessible excursions from Makadi Bay are visits to St. Paul’s Monastery and the Monastery of St. Anthony. Egypt respects the past and this is reflected in the tourist prominence of such attractions.

These destinations will offer you an insight into the history of monasticism and offer a moment of respite.

A trip to Makadi Bay has it all. The only thing you need to do is start planning your trip already!