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Bled, the ultimate Slovenian destination

Bled, the ultimate Slovenian destination

We’ve talked about the capital of Slovenia before, the wonderful Ljubljana, with its dragons and fairy tales, its rich history and outstanding legacy. But one capital city is not all that is worth mentioning about a country, so today we talk about Bled, the ultimate Slovenian destination.

Bled is regarded as the most popular tourist destination in Slovenia. It’s a beautiful mountain resort, nested around the winding slopes of the Alps. It rests on the banks of the lake with the same name: Bled. On this superb, crystal-clear watered lake, there is a small island where a medieval castle seems to emerge from the green ground.

Bled is a glacial lake. It sits at the foot of Mount Triglav in the Alps. Some regard it as the most beautiful lake in the Alps, actually.

Bled is a very old town. It was around thousands of years ago, already established as a cultural center of the Slavs, who gathered here to worship their goddess of fertility and love, Ziva. In the middle ages, the town was donated by Emperor Henry II to the Bishop of Brixen. Actually, during the middle ages, Bled became an important center of pilgrimage. From the 19th century on, the town started opening for tourists. Around this time, the Swiss Arnold Rikli discovered that the thermal waters of the lake coupled with the mild climate and the fresh air had curative properties, so Bled became a renowned European spa.

In recent years, hotels and guesthouses began to appear as Bled emerged as a truly classy Slovenian destination.

If entertainment is what you are looking for in Bled, you have ample options for entertainment, from walking and sightseeing to hiking, skiing, fishing or gambling at the casino. There is something for anyone.

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