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A low cost, but beautiful Christmas

A low cost, but beautiful Christmas

Deciding on a destination for the winter holidays is ideally a choice based on dreams and planning. But let’s be honest and admit that sometimes money is a decisive criteria as well and all we do revolves around the financial possibilities we have. But what if we could enjoy a low cost, but beautiful Christmas in an “exotic”, but European destination?

Romania is not just the (alleged) home of the mythical Dracula. Its capital city, Bucharest, might be a bit dusty and faded today, but it used to be called “the little Paris” a century ago, boasting its own Arch of Triumph (like the French capital city) and a beautiful old quarter with winding cobblestone streets, historical monuments and chick pubs to enjoy the scenery.

Here are a few things you might not know about Romania – stuff that might make you want to consider putting Romania on your travel list this winter:

1. A trip to Romania is very cheap. You can travel here on a really low budget, but benefit from amazing conditions and enjoy the company of welcoming people as you’ll rarely get to meet. You can visit Bucharest, for instance, for the equivalent of under 30 dollars. During winter, its Christmas lights are beautiful.

2. Transport in Romania is very accessible and the infrastructure is really not that bad. If you are a fan of driving in dramatic landscapes, you can always rent a car in Romania and admire a country that has all forms of relief, from the Carpathian Mountains to hills and plains in the South and the… remarkably blue Black Sea.

3. Romania has almost 200 castles (the most famous of which is Bran Castle, linked to the legend of Dracula) and the only Merry Cemetery in the world. The old Dacians, the ancestors of Romanians, used to “laugh in the face of death”. Apparently some of their descendants today follow their example.

4. The Romanian Parliament, Casa Poporului (“The House of the People”), is the second largest administrative building in the world, after the Pentagon. It’s actually larger than the Pyramid of Keops.

5. One of the greatest “fans” of Romania is Prince Charles of England, who often comes here. So why not visit Romania too?