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A panoramic view over the Fiji Islands

A panoramic view over the Fiji Islands

It’s never too cold outside or in any way inappropriate to plan an exotic trip and the idyllic islands in the Pacific are a recipe for heavenly delight, from their pale, taintless skies to their cerulean waters, friendly people and breathtaking sights. For today, what would you think about a panoramic view over the Fiji Islands?

Have you ever dreamt of going to Paradise? (While being still alive, that is!) We have a Fiji is not a sole island, it’s actually an archipelago that comprises over 330 islands spread over an area of around 18.000 sq km. Fiji is believed to have been inhabited for over 5000 years, first by the Polynesians and the Melanesians, then it was discovered by the Europeans, who settled here in the 19th century. The archipelago was ruled by the British Crown before gaining its independence in 1970.

Today, Fiji is one of the most thriving economies in the Pacific and an outstanding tourist destination. This is partly due to its tropical marine climate and its scenic, volcanic landscapes and beaches.

If you travel to Fiji, you will most probably want to visit Nadi, one of the largest conurbations here, home to the largest airport, Nadi International Airport. This is a huge hub and a point of departure to all corners of the archipelago. One of the favorite and quickest ways to travel from Nadi to the Yasawa or Mamanuca island groups is by seaplane. There is the option of Fiji Resort Transfers that can transport you and your group to your resort in Yasawa or Mamanuca in no time, safely and comfortably.

Seaplane transport is a really convenient and accessible from all points of view. Plus the point of departure is close to the airport of Nadi, so the return trip from your lodgings can also be enjoyable and you can get one last panoramic view over a corner of earthly paradise before going back home.