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Let’s go to the beach in Spain! – Part 1

Let’s go to the beach in Spain! – Part 1

It is still summer – particularly in a special corner of Europe, on the ever-sunny shore of the Mediterranean, so without further introduction, I say let’s go to the beach in Spain!

Spain is one of the most sought-after exotic destinations in the world. Everybody crowds to this wondrous and hot destination from all corners of the planet and everyone who comes here will immediately acknowledge the amazing potential of this country, with its honest, kind and direct people, with its breathtaking exoric scenery and picturesque rural and citadin landscapes, with its proud history and unique air.

Spain is also a perfect place to go sunbathing and swimming and getting ready for all the “fun in the sun”. The beaches in Spain are quite wonderful, so a trip to Spain will always be a perfect option, both for your group of friends, family or if you bring your kids. Spain is all about tourism, the locals are experts at accommodating visitors, so you will surely be welcomed here with great glee and immediately feel at home.

But here are some of the options to explore – some of the Spain cities with the best beaches there are:

Barcelona – now everybody will say you go to Barcelona to see Barcelona (and Gaudi), but another valid reason is to spend some time in the sun. you will just love the Barcelona beaches, all of which are blue flag beaches.

Barceloneta is one of the beaches that are the most popular in the city. This part of town is not the cleanest: it is very crowded and eclectic, but it is also very popular, it is the most lively you can find, with street music and entertainment.

Bogatell Beach is clean and quiet and a short walk from the Bogatell Metro Station.

Ocata is just as quiet and beautiful, the perfect place to bask in the golden sands.

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