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5 Random facts about Crete

5 Random facts about Crete

And so we come to the land of the gods… don’t worry, we don’t mean to sound lugubrious, merely to let you know we’re in Greece again, ready to present you with 5 Random facts about Crete that will make you love the place and want to visit it even more than before!

1. So everybody has heard about the Greek supreme god, Zeus. What few of you take into consideration is that ancient Greek gods had a strong human nature… and they were born as humans. According to legend, for instance, Zeus was born in Crete and hidden by his mother from his father, Cronus’ wrath. He was raised by animals and nymphs in the vast beautiful forests of the island.

2. Non-verbal communication is an important aspect in Crete. The locals like to “keep things simple”, often limiting their communication to gestures and face impressions. So regardless of language, if you are observant, you will probably be able to communicate with the locals. Communication wouldn’t be an issue anyway, really, because most of the people here speak German and English.

3. Among the famous people (or…erm, creatures) to have lived on the island, we find the bull-headed and human-bodied Minotaur (with his maze) and suicidal dreamer Icarus (whose wax wings were melted by the Cretan sun).

4. There are no dangerous animals on the island. The eradication of predators on Crete Island has been attributed to Hercules and later to the Apostle Paul.

5. The Minoan history of Crete precedes the European history. Before the Minoans, the island had been inhabited for millennia. The first traces being dated 7th millennium BC.

Crete Island is a place of wonders, so it wouldn’t be fair to unravel them all and spoil your surprise. You will, however, most likely arrive here by plane and at the airport, you should make a stop to get your Heraklion car rental, since the island is very vast.