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The most beautiful Castles in France

The most beautiful Castles in France

Dearest readers, once upon a time, there was a romantic realm everybody wanted to visit. People would crowd to the most popular places in that realm, but started to forget its true wonders. The romantic realm was in great danger of becoming a cliché. Then, they read an article… about the most beautiful Castles in France. And their whole perception changed!

Granted, the fantasy in there is our wish for this article – and the rest of them – to touch as many people as possible. But the truth is France can really take pride in owning some of the most beautiful castles in Europe and the entire world. Here’s a list!

Welcoming over 4 million guests per year, Carcassonne Castle is one of the greatest tourist destinations in France. Being as admired and frequented as Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and Mont Saint Michel, Carcassonne has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage ever since 1997 and presents one of the most beautiful displays of medieval architecture. Set up high, on a dramatic rock, it dominates the homonymous town in Aude with its imposing fortified frame and proud battlements.

Carcassonne has also given the name to a famous board game, which probably only came to reinforce its notoriety. If you ask us, put both the destination and the game on your list!

The castles on the Loire Valley have had poets write countless songs about them. This is the case with Chateau Amboise, one of the most beautiful castles to have their reflection shown by the Loire. The castle was first built for defensive purposes in the 11th century by the Count of Anjou, but it was reconstructed in the 15th century. It benefited from the first French Gardens and welcomed famous guests, like Leonardo da Vinci, Catherine of Medici and Mary Queen of Scots. The Chateau owes its present shape to 19th century King Louis-Philippe, whose descendant owns the castle and keeps it as a tourist destination.

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