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2 Low cost last minute Christmas destinations

2 Low cost last minute Christmas destinations

Santa’s sledge and its jingle bells sound can already be heard and we know you regret not having booked a holiday someplace nice this winter season. But is it really too late? Think again! Here are 2 Low cost last minute Christmas destinations we suggest you look into before giving up on your dream of a white Christmas someplace beautiful and new!

So today we deal with Europe. Therefore, here are a few inexpensive destinations in central and Eastern Europe where you can really enjoy a beautiful and white Christmas.

Romania is a place you might have heard of, don’t believe all you hear is our advice. This is a fascinating country with welcoming people and an ancient, proud history. Not to mention this country has all forms of relief, boasting the beautiful seaside landscapes by the Black Sea, as well as the mysteries of the tall Carpathian Mountains, where you can find the beautiful Peles Castle and the notorious Bran.

If you’re (un) lucky enough, you might even encounter a vampire, although the locals will deny vigorously and Romania from up close is really a friendly and happy place with funny, welcoming people. Bucharest used to be called “the little Paris” and these days, all decorated for the season, it really does justice to that name. Not to mention Romania has been experiencing one of the warmest winters so far. And on top of everything, Bucharest car hire and airport transfer services are really cheap.

Austria has been one of the most popular European destinations for decades now. The center of a proud (ex) empire, Vienna is a destination that is both spectacular and inexpensive. The Christmas lights are truly breathtaking and the Christmas Concert is an event that the whole world sees on TV and longs to see live. You can also rent a car in Vienna if you find yourself in Mozart’s country!