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A look at Vienna

A look at Vienna

Are you in for a city break these weeks? I know just the destination: let’s take a look at Vienna, the wonderfully classy capital city of an equally classy and beautiful proud European country: Austria.

Vienna is a place where you can basically find anything: from high class and art, to history reenacted in the majestic palaces on the Ring, to the sheer pleasure of street food near the Mariahilferstrasse. It is a city that invites and entices with its wonders and its secrets and its incredible beauty. It is more than a city – it is a piece of life recreated – life as we all wish we could always live.

Above all, Vienna is a great tourist attraction and an accessible one for Europeans. A city break here can be enjoyed by all budgets, from a couple of hundred EUR to thousands – depending on what you want to do, where you want to go and where you are planning to shop. The above-mentioned Mariahilferstrasse is basically the heart of Vienna’s shopping. But this is not all that the town has in store for an avid traveler.

Here are some of the best attractions to take into consideration while visiting Vienna:

Schonbrunn is the legendary palace where Empress Sissy and Franz Joseph lived their love – and their disappointments and tragedies. It is regarded as one of the most romantic European buildings and if you visit it on warm weather, you will also enjoy strolling along the vast gardens.

Hofburg, or the Winter Palace, was the royal see of the ruling families since the 13th century. It is one of the greatest attractions in the city.

The National Theatre and the Spanish Riding School are some of the greatest, most imposing buildings in town.

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