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Visit Bucharest with Otopeni Airport Transfers

Visit Bucharest with Otopeni Airport Transfers

The vastly underrated Bucharest, capital city of Romania, used to be called “The Little Paris” no more than a century ago. Today, we would like to interest you in a journey to Bucharest – which will most probably begin at the main airport that serves the city – so we invite you to visit Bucharest with Otopeni Airport Transfers.

Once a medieval town, Bucuresti (translated by the Phanariots in the 18th century “the city of joy”, from the Romanian noun bucurie) became the capital city of Wallachia in the 17th century and then the capital of Romania. It is the greatest cultural, education and business center in the country. The Lipscani neighbourhood still preserves the old atmosphere and architecture of centuries long past.

Among the must-see sites in Bucharest, we must mention the parks Cismigiu and Herastrau, the Zoo, the Grigore Antipa Museum, the Village Museum and countless beautiful churches serving all cults: Christians, Muslims, Hebrews, etc. You are also welcome to visit the Malls and buy designer clothes and articles for lower prices than in other parts of Europe.

Otopeni Airport Transfers – the best transport option

So what is the best way to visit Bucharest? The best transport option, bearing in mind that the city does tend to be quite crowded and the transport is a bit congested during high-peak hours, is Otopeni Airport Transfers.

What does that mean? It means that you will have a premium car and a professional driver at your service for a trip from the airport to the city or for a tour of the city. The company equally provides transfers from your lodgings to whatever other destination you wish to visit, the prices are affordable and the quality of the service is impeccable.

So in retrospect, why should you visit Romania? Because you will be surprised to find in Bucharest a modern, civilized city; because you can shop for the most accessible prices; because you will have a chance to challenge your misconceptions. Why not visit Bucharest with Otopeni Airport Transfers?