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Traveling to Paris (again)

Traveling to Paris (again)

In light of the violent November events, people stopped flooding to the capital city of France for a while. Perhaps out of caution, perhaps out of shock, people took a break from trying the experience of the eternal city of lovers. But then they started traveling to Paris (again).

I recently returned from a winter holiday in Paris, so all I can do is say: it was fine and safe and I went and came back unharmed. Ultimately, the choice of visiting this beautiful, beautiful city is yours. But if you do go there – now or some other time – there are some key points you should and could cover.

I was thinking I might invite you on a cultural tour of the city. Museums are a great part of the heritage of France – and of the world. After all, at the Louvre (to give just an example) you will find art (antiquities, paintings, sculptures, decorative and graphic arts) from all ages of humanity and from all corners of the world. I really wanted to visit some of the museums in town, so I documented a little bit. For 42 EUR, you can get a two-day Paris museum pass. With this, you have ensured your entrance to a couple dozen museums in Paris and its surroundings. I would nevertheless warn you that you might not get a lot of time to visit as many of the museums listed there as you’d like.

Think about the fact that the Louvre, for instance, the main attraction in town, is enormous! But the worst part is that you have to wait an average of two hours in line to get through security and then purchase your ticket.

The same goes for the Orsay Museum of Art – where you can find paintings from the 19th and early 20th century. A ticket costs some 15 EUR, but you are exempt from payment if you are under 26. Also, the distances are considerable, so you might want to look into the option of a Paris taxi to take you from one place to another!