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The best November low cost destinations in Europe: Marseilles

The best November low cost destinations in Europe: Marseilles

Today we continue our quest to find The best November low cost destinations in Europe: Marseilles is our new destination. Are you ready to enjoy a unique experience in a unique French city port? Here are some things you should know.

Marseilles is one of the cities you can always enjoy, even when it is cold in Europe, chances are the weather in Southern France, the Mediterranean and sunny side of the country, will be some good degrees warmer. This November in Marseilles, we can expect temperatures to rise above 20 degrees Celsius, so it’s a great chance to flee the cold of autumn.

Above all, low season traveling means low costs for Marseilles car rental, for transport by private transfer Marseilles airport transfers, for plane tickets and lodgings. And you will enjoy an outstanding city.

Marseilles is a city with a very old history and a very eclectic structure and culture. It is a port city that was first inhabited more than 2600 years ago by the ancient Greeks. Today, Marseilles is a strong industrial and cultural town and an amazing tourist destination.

For those who have never been to Marseilles before, there are a few sites never to miss.

The Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde is one of the most spectacular churches in town, perched on the highest point of Marseilles. It was built in the Neo-Byzantine style in the 19th century on the site of a middle ages chapel. You can come here for a moment of reflection and to look down on the beauty of the town and the sea below.

Those who love Alexandre Dumas and his exciting literature will come to Marseilles for a cruise trip to the Chateau d’If. The ferry ride will not last very long. The famous prison of Edmond Dantes is located in the Frioul Islands archipelago, on the tiny (and frankly speaking quite idyllic) island of If.



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