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The best events in Marseille in June 2016

The best events in Marseille in June 2016

Because we love to travel, but we like to have a purpose when we do that too, we have set out to look for the most exciting summer destinations for the coming months. Of course, the French Riviera couldn’t miss from our list, so here are the best events in Marseille in June 2016.

As if one needed another pretext to visit the beautiful port city of Marseille, the gem of Provence, we are ready to convince you there are events to attend as well this June. Let’s see what that’s all  about!

So we all know Marseille to be a multicultural, eclectic place with a rich and diverse cultural legacy. While this is pretty common of port cities, what makes Marseille unique is the zest for life and the eagerness to celebrate this aspect. The Festival of Marseille has been scheduled to take place between June 14th and July 17th this year and its mission is precisely this: to celebrate through music, dance and dramatic performances the diversity and the history of the place. This complete festival will take place at different venue all around town. The organizers have always tried to keep the price of the entry ticket accessible: 20 EUR for a show.

The Festival of Marseille will also coincide with the Fete de la Musique, a free international celebration that will take place on June 21st. This festival was first organized by the French Ministry for Culture in 1982. The annual event is now an international celebration of music, welcoming prestigious artists and bringing music to the streets (and stages) of Marseille for free.

And if you are interested in culture, you can visit the Museum of Civilisations of Europe and the Mediterranean in the city of Marseille. The opening has been confirmed for June 7th.

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