St. Valentine’s destinations

St. Valentine’s destinations

This week many parts of the Western world will be celebrating Valentine’s Day, and for those who are considering to take a trip in order to celebrate it, here are a couple of St. Valentine’s destinations that you may not have thought of.

Canterbury, United Kingdom

This is the place to see for those couples who are interested in all things medieval. Canterbury is one of such hotspots in southeastern England, you can see a great cathedral, some great pubs and theatres, not to mention a wonderful five-mile walk to visit a 12th-century castle in the medieval village of Chilham.

Mendocino, California

This region is considered by some to be one of the state’s biggest secrets, this rugged and strangely underdeveloped peninsula, where there are no stoplights to stop a couple’s bliss of exploring it.

You can just spend a couple of romantic days here walking on the coast, along the shore, enjoying the local gastronomy, and then make some visits to the small-scale and family-run wineries and breweries in the region.

Cartagena, Colombia

We could spend many articles talking about individual places in this country – and we probably will in the future – but for now on just know that the weather there will be great, and Cartagena in Colombia is probably the most romantic of South American cities. An old Caribbean town with its old cobbled alleys and horse carts, and everything else from flowers hanging from balconies to the lively folk music called vallenato – there’s just too much to see and do here, just go there.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Now we’ll be honest here, possibly not the best location for a celebration of love, but we are talking about destinations that one would not normally think of, hence Iceland. Having been through some recent economic woes, the country is starting to get back on track, and for those couples who love winter and everything that comes with it, this is a great place to visit, because here the winter months are celebrated – one thinks that the inhabitants wouldn’t have much of a choice but celebrate them since they’re living there in the first place.

There are many more destinations that we could take about, however for today we’ll leave it at these few, however consider some worldwide car hire services in mind when planning to visit any of these places.