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Spanish regions 1

Spanish regions 1

Today we’ll start talking about the various regions of Spain that you can visit on a Spain trip, starting with one of the most well known of them, Andalucia.


Andalucia is actually an autonomous community within the country’s borders – it is not the only one – it is actually the second-largest autonomous community and the largest when it comes to inhabitants. Its characteristics are an extremely beautiful and varied landscape, a benign climate and the overall friendliness of the inhabitants. All of these together with the wonderful golden sand beaches and the many mountain ranges have turned Andalucia into one of the most popular regions in the country.

The major cities in this region are: Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba, Ronda, as for important attractions there’s the Donana National Park, Costa de Almeria, Costa de la Luz and Costa del Sol, but these are only the major ones, there are many more of course.


This region is at the border with France, and is made up largely out of the Pyrenees. This means that the mountain landscapes couple with the glacier lakes make for some extraordinary outdoors adventures, and the government is aware of this and has instates several natural preserves in the region where one can just walk and observe the wildlife. One region that is very popular is the Ebro Valley created by the Ebro River going through the Moncayo mountain range; the major cities in the region are Zarahoza, Teruel and Huesca.


The region of Asturias is well known for its green landscapes, but its mountain ranges make for some wonderful destinations, there are two national parks in the Cordillera Cantabrica and Picos de Europa mountain ranges – they are Covadonga and Somiedo.

These have been only three of the regions of Spain, keep in mind that we’ll continue talking about the rest in future articles and that you can see as much or as little of the country as you wish, with the help of our Spain car rental services.