A few major Spain tourist attractions

A few major Spain tourist attractions

We haven’t talked that much about Spain on here, especially when compared to other countries, so it’s time to focus a bit on this Iberian country by looking at a few of the major Spain tourist attractions.

The Real Palacio

The Royal Palace of Madrid is the official residence of the king of Spain and the venue for all state ceremonies. Once you see it you’ll understand why because this wonderful edifice was built between 1738-1755 and is considered to be one of the finest palaces in all of Europe, and that is quite a tall order when we talk about Europe.

It is the largest palace in Europe if we consider surface area, containing 3418 rooms, the interior of which is quite notable for its plethora of art and use of fine materials in its construction and decorations.

La Concha

This San Sebastian beach is regarded by many as being one of the best beaches in Europe, and by far one of the best in Spain. This beach is great for both those who love to surf as well as those who just enjoy a nice walk on the promenade and find a good restaurant or a place to have a drink and take in the scenery.

The scenery here is quite important because the beach is in a very tight bay, across which you can see the small tree-topped island of Santa Clara. And the beach also has wonderful views of the Atlantic waters, it’s a great spot for a bit of sun-bathing.

The Aqueduct of Segovia

This ancient aqueduct was built from around 24.000 granite blocks, but the incredible thing is that it was built without the use of mortar, around 50 AD. Furthermore, the aqueduct still functions by providing water to the city in modern times, quite an accomplishment of ancient engineering.

These are just a few of the plethora of attractions that the country has to offer, make sure to employ our Spain car rental services in order to visit these and many more, on your own time.