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Small countries that are big destinations

Small countries that are big destinations

The importance or quality of a destination should not be judged on the dimensions of the country, city or state that it is in. Incredible beauty of both the natural and the man-made variety can be found all throughout the globe and today we’ll be taking a look at some small countries that are big destinations.


One of the smallest countries in the world – it is a Principate – at 1.95 sq kilometers, it is also one of the places with the highest per capita GDP.

It was established in 1297 when the local fortress was seized by Francois Grimaldi – the fortress is still there to this day by the way.

The independent state is 195 hectares of incredibly picturesque and narrow coastal strip, as well as a longtime tax refuge for the immensely rich and famous. The Principate is extremely well developed and the Monaco-Ville old town is very well preserved and definitely worth a visit. The best way to visit Monaco is in fact on foot, because it’s not that large and this type of exploration is facilitated by public lifts and escalators in order to help overcome the steep hills.


Considerably larger than Monaco, at 344 square kilometers, this landmass is known as the Spice Isle because it produces large quantities of nutmeg and mace, but it also has some of the most spectacular natural vistas in the Caribbean.

The oval landmass is made up of a narrow coastal plain, volcanic cliffs and mountains that are clad in a massive rainforest. The rainforest is protected under the Grand Etang National park – Grand Etang is a water-filled crater that according to legend has no bottom, it has eerily tranquil waters which might have lead to such legends. The place caters both to beachcombers as well as to those who are looking for some hiking adventures.