Small countries that are big destinations (part 2)

Small countries that are big destinations (part 2)

You didn’t thought there were only two small places around the globe worth visiting now did you? Far from it, today we’re continuing our look at these small countries that are big destinations.


At a decent 316 square kilometers, one can never say that there’s nothing to be done in Malta. This tiny rock and limestone island features an incredibly large number of festivals throughout the year, but as you might already think, most of them are during the rather long summer.

There’s pretty much a festival for everyone in Malta, there’s the Mediterranean Food Festival, the Fireworks Festival and also a great Jazz Festival.  For those who are interested in contemporary and pop music there’s a two-day event put on to help select the country’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest.

In case you have enough of human interaction, or you’re not into it to begin with, don’t forget that the island has some wonderful megalithic ruins in its interior as well as some interesting hiking and walking opportunities.

San Marino

San Marino may be small, at only 61 square kilometers, but at least it’s high, in altitude. Walking around this country located in central Italy will look a bit like looking out of an airplane window onto endless clouds and wonderful snow-capped Apennines.

The place was founded in AD 301 by a stonemason named, appropriately enough, Marino, and now the city-state claims to be the world’s oldest republic. The trek to San Marino cannot go by without visiting the imposing tower-fortresses which are perched along the cliff tops, the oldest of which dating back to the 10th century.


Possibly one of the most well-known of small countries – because of the dismal reputation of their football team – but putting that aside for a bit, this 160 square kilometer country features some great ski opportunities, great little settlements and even better landscape.

The great thing about all of these place is that you can explore them very thoroughly with the help of some worldwide car rental services.