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Praia da Rocha trip & Praia da Rocha beach

Praia da Rocha trip & Praia da Rocha beach

A Praia da Rocha trip is more than just going to a beach located near the Portimao marina, because despite its name ‘praia’ it’s much more than a simple beach, it’s a holiday resort in its own right.

The beach in this region became extremely popular towards the end of the 19th century with families from the neighboring cities and towns, as well as with English visitors during the winter.

The main reason for this popularity is indeed the incredibly vast beach, which still offers lots of space even during the summer and there’s the avenue called Tomas Cabreira, which runs along the top of the beach which is full of great places to eat at, get some coffee and shop.

One of the non-beach related attractions that the place has to offer is the St. Catarina Fort, which you will find at the end of the beach and near the Marina. The fort was built in 1621 on the order of the then Governor of the Algarvian Kingdom in order to protect the nearby cities of Silves and Vila Nova de Portimao from Spanish pirates and Moors. It has been standing since 1621 and it features a very nice little bar/café, a great place to relax while also taking in the view. The historic aspect of the region is best explored with the help of Praia da Rocha car rental services.

The Praia da Rocha beach is indeed worthy of its reputation, it is not only lovely but it is also one of the safest in the Algarve. For those wanting to walk and explore the wonderful cliffs of the region, they should be mindful that in some places the cliff edges are crumbly and you should stick to the new cobbled walkways, the view will still be the same.

There are obviously many more things to do while on your trip there, however you can get much more out of it with the help of our Praia da Rocha car hire services.