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Portugal, the ultimate golf destination, Algarve

Portugal, the ultimate golf destination, Algarve

Whoever travels to Portugal for golf will tell you: Lisbon and Porto are great destinations, but in Portugal, the ultimate golf destination, Algarve is the number one place to go to enjoy your sport.

Dubbed “the world’s best golfing destination”, the Algarve, with the Ocean nearby, its breeze caressing your face, with beautiful seaside landscapes and mild weather all year round, is the optimal surrounding where you can practice golf.

Contrary to popular belief, golfing is not for the weak hearted: it may be a very regal sport, but it is at the same time one that requires precision, attention and a good physical shape. The best golf courses in Portugal are in the Algarve and Alto, Victoria, O’Connor or Quinta do Lago are household names for golf enthusiasts.

Not to mention there are golf tournaments that take place in the Algrave, such as the 2015 Spring Amateur Golf Tournament, held between 11th and 18th of April 2015 held at the San Lorenzo Golf Course.

This February also, there are two major golfing events taking place in the Algarve, namely in Vilamoura. The PGA North Overseas Pro-Am is scheduled between 12 and 19 Feb 2015 and between 21 and 28 Feb and people are already preparing for these happy exciting days.

The Algarve is always buzzing with excitement, especially when it comes to golfing activities. You can always hire golf clubs in Faro for your trip, since taking them on the plane is problematic, for example.

But there is also a whole industry centered around transport to and from the golf course. Those who are already seasoned travelers to Portugal and familiar with golf tournaments and activities know they have to book Faro golf transfers in advance to transport them from their lodgings to the golf course they are playing at.



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