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Porto Santo trip

Porto Santo trip

A Porto Santo trip will take you to the northernmost and easternmost island in the Madeira archipelago. For all intents and purposes the island is basically a tourism island, only nine kilometers long and with a single significant settlement, the place is somewhat of a rugged paradise for those looking for exactly that.

The beach however, is the major attraction to this island, and mostly because the entire island looks like just one long stretch of beach. Porto Santo has about twenty miles of golden sand beach, which makes it one of the best destinations for those planning to do nothing more than just lay on a beach and soak up the sun.

Porto Santo does have a small airport which deals mostly with flights from bigger sister Madeira’s capital, Funchal, which is about fifteen minutes away by air, but you can get straight here from mainland Portugal and coastal Africa as well. Once here you can employ some Porto Santo car hire services and pick up your Porto Santo rental car from the airport and you’re off.

Considering the size of the island, there aren’t that many things to do, as we mentioned earlier, it’s more a place for those looking for wide open beaches, a bit of ruggedness and relaxation, however you can go on a tour of the island, either by car or by boat trip to see the coast, and the inside of the island has just a few traditional attractions, such as Christopher Columbus’ house, which is now a museum. The museum shows exhibits about Portuguese discoveries, Columbus and his stay on the island.

Then there’s the Matriz Church, built back in 1430 and pillaged in 1556 by French buccaneers. The church features beautiful painting of Martin Conrad and Max Romer.

In the spirit of the Algarve, the island does feature two 18-hole golf courses.



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