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Funchal trip

Funchal trip

On a Funchal trip you’ll be visiting the capital and main city of the Madeira autonomous region. The name Funchal comes from the abundance of fennel that the island has been known for or ‘funcho’ as it is called in Portuguese.

Funchal is most likely the first part of Madeira that you’ll get to see because this is where the Funchal Airport is located, so the majority of visitors to the island will be landing here. The great thing is that you can spend a holiday in Funchal and have a great time, but with some Funchal car hire services you can explore the other parts of the island as well.

There are quite a few things that you can do here and for the lovers of outdoors and hiking especially, this is a great place. There’s a trail that connects the two highest peaks, Areeiro and Ruivo, and that’s a great challenge for the more adventurous hiker.

Other activities that you may want to engage in are diving in the crystal-clear waters, surving, boat trips and swimming, and of course there’s always the option of going whale watching. While not exactly hiking, one can take day-long excursions along the coast and enjoy the eucalyptus smelling mountain woods.

The city’s old centre is pretty small and can be explored on foot, however it is very interesting, you can see the Regional Court here, a big building that while not pretty per se, is a good example of architecture during the dictatorship era of the 20th century. The building contrasts heavily with the local architecture that surrounds it.

There are many, many more things to see and do while in Funchal, rest assured that you won’t feel you’re losing one minute of your trip.  You can plan your trip with Madeira airport transfer in case you want to drive yourself in all the island or you can just relax and employ a Funchal car hire and have fun.