Napoli trip

Napoli trip

The city of Napoli, or Naples, is characterized by a large amount of noisy contradictions but that is a good thing, because Naples does extremes extremely well. This is the place that has palm-fringed boulevards intersected by what can only be considered to be grimy streets, and the same place that hides baroque ballrooms behind crumbling facades. The experience can be a bit jarring because one second you’re in Tangiers and then the next you’re in Paris, it’s mind boggling at times.

The place is a constant barrage of things to see and experience, for instance you’ll most likely be greeted with wild traffic wherever you head in the city, especially the case around the Central Train Station – Stazione Centrale – which is also adorned with shabby streets stalls and quite a plethora of African salesmen.

A few blocks from Piazza Garibaldi – which coincidentally is where you’ll find the Stazione Centrale – you’ll find the city’s historic centre, which is dense and dark and weirdly intoxicating. The narrow Greek streets teem with scooters, shrines, tourists and too many secret treasures to keep track of.

At one edge of the historic quarter you’ll find the Via Toledo which is very populated with shops, especially in its chic southern end which is a major attraction for shopping enthusiasts.

To the south of Via Toledo you can find the mighty Piazza del Plebiscito, Palazzo Reale as well as the Teatro San Carlo.

To the west of the Piazza del Plebiscito, you’ll find upmarket Chiaia which is the nexus of cool in Naples, a place where you’ll find sleek shops and bars stretching west towards the port of Mergellina – yet another interesting place that contrasts with the rest of the city.

Even when considering all of the earlier mentioned characteristics, one mustn’t forget that Naples is still a major Italian city which means that you’ll find many more tings to see and do, attractions such as museums, art galleries, buildings of various history and architectural make-up and of course, pizza.

Napoli is the birth place of pizza, this being the birthing place of the pizza margherita, the one that was made up only from tomato sauce, basil and fresh mozzarella.


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