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Bologna trip

Bologna trip

Bologna boasts one of Italy’s greatest medieval cityscapes, a very attractive combination of red-brick palaces and Renaissance towers to which you add forty kilometers of arcaded porticoes – and that’s an incredibly simplistic rough sketch of the place.

Bologna is a great alternative to the countries more famous northern cities for those reasons, and one cannot talk about the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, without mentioning the fact that it is also the country’s culinary capital as well as home to the oldest university in the world.

The city’s centre is one of Europe’s larges medieval and best preserved city centers, and world renowned for the earlier mentioned beautiful porticos, as well as the magnificent Piazza Maggiore square.

It is very interesting to note however, that despite its fame, Bologna is more well-known inside the country rather than outside, not as many foreign visitors as you’d think. This means that as opposed to other more popular cities with visitors from abroad, English is not that spoken by its residents.

Considering the long history of the place, one has to expect the presence of quite a few interesting museums, art galleries and monuments, and one would not be mistaken to make such an assumption.

There’s the Archaeological Museum which is housed in the building of what used to be an old hospital- it in turn houses a comprehensive collection of antiquities ranging from ancient Egypt, to iron age Villanova culture, artifact from the Etruscan era of course, and obviously a series of ancient vases and items from Roman times.

The Piazza Maggiore which we mentioned earlier should not be missed, it is a large pedestrian square, surrounded by the Basilica of San Petronio, the City Hall Building, the Palazzo del Podesta and the portico dei Banchi.

Considering the fact that ‘la cucina Bolognese’ or Bolognese cuisine is something of a unique moniker in the world of gastronomy, you can expect to get some great food while on your Bologna trip.


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Enjoy your holiday in Bologna.