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Monte Gordo trip

Monte Gordo trip

A Monte Gordo trip will take you almost to the absolute Eastern edge of the Algarve region, a large town that has been spaciously laid out with wide streets. Thanks to its great urban planning, even though the city is populated with high-rise hotels and apartment blocks, it doesn’t seem stifling, and it also helps that basically the entire town is divided into two by the main Monte Gordo road.

Monte Gordo is a great destination for those seeking out the sun and some good swimming opportunities, because the water here is possibly the warmest in Portugal, and while the beach itself is usually crowded – depending on the time of year – it is also large enough for literally thousands of people to enjoy it at the same time.

This isn’t as much a foreign tourist destination as most of the other locations on the coast are because there isn’t that much to see or do, but this does bring up a slight paradox. Meaning that since it’s not that popular with foreigners, lodging and catering prices are lower than the other destinations and as such Monte Gordo is much more popular with Portuguese visitors and of course with the Spanish who are very close-by.

We should mention that even though you may not find the usual attractions in Monte Gordo, all you need is to use some Faro transfer services and you can go for day trips to Faro or any other close-by location in the Algarve and get to see any sight that you might want.

That option would allow you to return to Monte Gordo in the evening and enjoy its spacious town centre with its wide streets and cobbled areas. The whole place is very flat, especially when compared to the rest of the Algarve and this makes it a great destination for those who like walking, running and cycling, especially when u consider that the closest town is Vila Real de Santo Antonio, at just three kilometers away, a very scenic three kilometers.