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Aberdeen trip

Aberdeen trip

An Aberdeen trip will take you to the northeast of Scotland, a powerhouse of the region being fuelled by the North Sea petroleum industry. That oil industry money has made Aberdeen a city as expensive as London and Edinburgh, and there are many high-end hotels, restaurants and clubs to choose from if possible. However, the majority of the cultural attractions that the city has to offer, such as the Maritime Museum or the Aberdeen Art Gallery, are free to visit.

The main characteristic of the city is that much of it was built using granite from the now abandoned Rubislaw Quarry – which was at one time the continent’s largest artificial hole in the ground – which glitters interestingly on sunny days, and seems to blend in with the clouds when they scud in off the North Sea.

Since we mentioned that the Maritime Museum is free to enter, we should then talk a bit about it and about the art gallery.

The Museum is set overlooking the busy harbor, centered on a three-storey replica of a North Sea oil production platform. The exhibits here will take you through a crash-course in the petroleum industry, while other galleries cover the shipbuilding, whaling and fishing industries that all had a major role to play in the development of Aberdeen – however these galleries are situated in the Provost Ross’s House, the oldest building in the city – which is also part of the museum.

The Aberdeen Art Gallery features a rather grand façade, but the space behind it is cool and lined with marble, used to exhibit the work of contemporary Scottish and English painters. There are also quite a few landscapes by Joan Eardley who lived in a cottage on the cliffs near Stonehaven in the 1950s and ‘60s.

Keep in mind that your stay here will probably be a bit on the cold side, considering the location and geographical position of the city but you can still enjoy it with the help of our United Kingdom car hire services.