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Lisbon, the most underrated European destination

Lisbon, the most underrated European destination

Maybe you won’t believe me when I say I’ve heard people say they were disappointed by Paris, France. While this assumption may sound a bit pretentious, it is true, just as the reverse can be valid and people who travel to Portugal say they found Lisbon, the most underrated European destination, to be utterly enchanting and that they would happily return there.

Though today Portugal may not be listed first in the top European destinations, this country has a cultural heritage that speaks volumes and a proud history during the golden age of discoveries. Lisbon has many sites that remind of that glorious past, such as Belem Tower.

Lisbon is also one of the oldest cities on the continent, older than London and even Rome.

The Sao Jorge Castle was built in the 11th century on the site of a 2nd century fortification. The vastly underrated, beautiful view from this castle is the most wonderful place to start your  sightseeing tour.

Downhill, visiting the Alfama neighborhood, the oldest district in the city, is a must. There, you can truly get a sense of what the charm of Lisbon life is, with its colorful facades and narrow cobblestone streets.

Talking about underrated attractions in this underrated but marvelous city, we must mention the Portugal Pavilion by famous architect Siza Vieira, a daring construction whose roof defies gravity, vastly outshines by the Oceanarium.

If you like gardens and strolling about without a care in the world, we suggest a walk through the lush Tropical Garden of Lisbon, just next to the Jeronimo’s Monastery. This is a unique park in Europe, with vegetation that can rarely be found anywhere else.

And if you are looking for a fun and weird attraction, with its clocks, funky decorations and Winter Garden, the Ajuda Palace is just the place you can take a couple of hours to visit.

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