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Liechtenstein trip

Liechtenstein trip

Liechtenstein is one of those places that most people find near-impossible to pronounce properly, and difficult to understand that it actually exists.

Rest assured that it does indeed exists, and it is the sixth-smallest country in the world measuring 25km in length and 6km in width. However despite its diminutive size and the obviously limited natural resources, the micro-nation is a very prosperous and highly industrialized, with an important financial service sector and some of the highest living standards in Europe.

While you may be visiting Liechtenstein for the sheer novelty value – which let’s be honest, is pretty high – you will surely leave it amazed by its stunning natural beauty, and with a feeling that the country is something more.

Liechtenstein features many hiking and cycling trails which offer great views of craggy cliffs, villages and lush green forests – one other interesting bit of trivia about Liechtenstein that you may not know is that the country is surrounded by countries that are landlocked, so Liechtenstein is double landlocked.

Even if the place is so small, you can bet there are some sights that you can visit, such as the Walsermuseum. This museum tels the interesting story of the Walsers and also features some rather curious carvings out of twisted tree trunks and branches. The Walsers were a German-speaking tribe of sorts, that emigrated across the continent in the 13th century and they settled in many places. Liechtenstein is one of those places, and it is also one of the places where they still speak their own dialect.

For a history lessons about the principality of Liechtenstein you should visit the Liechten-steinisches Landemuseum, it features an interesting range of information from medieval which trials to the manufacturing of false teeth.

Visiting Liechtenstein will prove to be that much more interesting than you’d think it to be initially, especially if you like outdoorsy activities.


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