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Vilnius trip

Vilnius trip

Lithuania’s capital of Vilnius is not only the largest city in the country but it is also one of the most culturally diverse, having been inhabited since the Middle Ages and having gathered a plethora of nations within its borders in the intervening centuries.

The city features quite a few attractions and sights, and the atmosphere of the place on the whole is very late Medieval, thanks to the plethora of old buildings in the Old Town.

Most of the buildings here date from anytime starting with the 13th and ending with the 19th century, it’s a must-see spot.

One things that you might not have an easy time to missing is the Gediminas Tower or Castle. The castle has been partly restored, the north tower of the upper castle especially so because it holds major significance as a symbol of national independence for Lithuanians.

One of the city’s main landmarks that you won’t want to miss out on is the Cathedral – Arkikatedra Bazilika. The current building has been standing for over five hundred years, even though it has survived through a few fires.

During the Soviet era, the building was used as an art gallery but it was returned to its function as a church in 1990. One major mark that the Soviet era left on the building is that the three statues of saints that can be seen now at the top of the building are only replicas of the originals – which were thrown away in 1950.

Another major sight that you won’t want to miss is the Hill of the Three Crosses which you can see from the Cathedral. Yet another monument that was destroyed by the Soviets, the initial crosses were there from the 17th century, the new ones having been rebuilt in 1989 – but the destroyed crosses were left as a reminder of what the country went through during the Soviet occupation.


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