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Be a kid for one day in Disneyland Paris

Be a kid for one day in Disneyland Paris

France just keeps luring us with its glamorous pictures and picturesque landscapes alike, with its cuisine and with its nightlife, with long walks hand in hand down the Champs Elysees, but also with the promise that you can be a kid for one day in Disneyland Paris.

The temptation to talk about France, the ultimate tourist destination in the world, is simply irresistible. And, in the typical French style, if tempted, why resist it? So today let’s take a whirlwind magic tour through the land of childhood and dreams and visit a trademark place.

Disneyland Paris is the mecca of tourist destinations for children. Fun parks with dozens of shiny colorful machines, carousel wheels and montaigne rousse, magic castles and green spaces are what you should expect in this world famous entertainment resort. Although called “Disneyland Paris”, it is actually located in Marne-la-Vallee, some 30 km away from the center of the French capital city. The park was opened in 1992 and quickly rose to tourist prominence, being one of the symbols of Paris today.

Disneyland Park receives millions of visitors annually; in 2013, it exceeded 10 million visitors, making it the most transited theme park on the European continent. It is a replica of the bigger, equally thrilling Walt Disney World, in Florida. The second theme park in the complex is the Walt Disney Studios Park.

On the 19 square kilometres occupied by Disneyland Paris, there are the two theme parks, 7 resort hotels and 6 other hotels, a course for playing golf and a railway station, not to mention the new town of Val d’Europe.

Children are not the only ones to come to Disneyland. Adults also come here to admire the general (rather… too glitzy…) architectural complex and to meet Mickey Mouse, Snow White or even Captain Jack Sparrow. The ride from one of the airports in Paris can be quite enjoyable and the distance from the city is convenient, making it an accessible destination, so be sure not to miss it next time you travel to France!