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The most beautiful castles in Portugal (Part 2)

The most beautiful castles in Portugal (Part 2)

When we talk about this surprising spectacular country, The most beautiful castles in Portugal is a subject we simply can’t let go of so easily. So here is another list of suggestions if you are up for a fairy-tale visit of Portugal, filled with days of wandering around palaces and castles, dreaming with your eyes wide open.

In our previous article, we suggested a visit to Pena Palace, to the Castle of Moors and a day at the Castle of Almourol. Let’s see what more there is to visit!

If a Medieval fortress with pointy, cone-shaped towers is what you would like to put on your list of sites to see, make sure you remember the Castelo de Porto de Mos, in Leiria. First built by the Moors, it was consequently restored by the Portuguese kings. The dominating styles and Gothic and Romanesque, although the construction-proper is quite irregular and eclectic, probably the reason for its popularity in the first place.

Another castle you can not only visit, but also live in for a couple of days is the one in Alvito. Built in 1482 as the residence of a prominent nobleman, it was turned into a hotel in 1993, when it was acquired by the Pousadas chain. The old fortress is now fully restored and perfectly habitable according to the requirements of the modern era, but the facade and yard preserve the air of long lost ages, with its Moorish and Manueline windows.

Last, but certainly not least is an obvious and very popular choice: the St. George’s Castle (Castelo de Sao Jorge) situated right at the heart of Lisbon, on the River Tagus. It was built by the Moors in the early middle ages and then served as a vital fortress for Crusaders. It is visible from all around the capital of Portugal and is one of the most beautiful places to visit, especially if you are driving a good rental car.