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Hiking in Portugal 1

Hiking in Portugal 1

The experience of hiking in Portugal can prove to be quite a funny experience because the Portuguese aren’t that big on hiking, meaning that most of them don’t really understand why anyone would walk or hike for pleasure.

However this is starting subside considering the demand for such activities from foreign visitors who do enjoy walking and hiking. There was a time when preparing for hiking in the Algarve was quite difficult, because of the lack of shopping opportunities for gear, dried food and other hiking equipment, however nowadays it’s a bit easier and there are plenty of companies there that offer hiking adventures through the Portuguese landscape.

The Portuguese hiking trails offer some wonderful opportunities to explore mountain passes, forests, lakes and peaks. These are great ways of seeing the country as very few get to, and also allows you the chance to glimpse the wildlife, maybe even the endangered Iberian Lynx.

Some of the most popular hiking trails that you’ll find in Portugal, you’ll find in the southern Algarve region of the country. The Serra de Monchique offers a plethora of hiking trails which can be combined with bird watching for those interested in the winged creatures.

The Algarve is renown throughout Europe and the world for its wonderful weather and great beaches, and while this makes it a great destination for sun bathers, it also makes it a great place for walk on the various coastal paths. While on your trails through this region you’ll find some very touristy and developed towns, but you’ll also find some that are still small and very traditional, with great sceneries to offer those curious to seek them out.

This is also where the Ria Formosa Natural Park and Castro Marim Reserve are located, so these can also be some great destinations.

Keep in mind that you’ll be able to experience these and many more places in Portugal and the Algarve with the help of our Portugal car rental services.