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Fuerteventura trip

Fuerteventura trip

On a Fuerteventura trip you’ll be going to one of the lesser known Canary islands, but nonetheless one very well-known for its great beaches and world-class water sports opportunities. The golden beach sands seem literally stretch on for miles and the inside of the island is an equally interesting mix of simple, traditional villages, palm trees, volcanoes and lots of goats.

The beaches are calm but have a very wild look about them, development hasn’t been very intrusive because the other sister islands are more popular, so this is a great place to get a considerably more unspoiled beach experience.

Considering that this is an island after all, there are many things around it to be visited, and your best bet to visit them is with the help of some Fuerteventura car hire services. With a car at your disposal you’ll be able to go wherever on the island you wish, and more importantly to do so when you wish it, so that’s great.

If you happen to be visiting during September, or you plan on visiting the island then, you can take part in the Fiesta Vega de Rio. This is a religious celebration, with pilgrims coming from all over the island to the church of Vega de Rio. After that is done there’s an all night party where you’ll see typical Canarian Wrestling competitions, fireworks as well as local crafts and culinary traditions, and of course traditional dancing.

Visiting the Corralejo sand dunes is also another must-do activity while in Fuerteventura. The dunes are world-famous and have appeared in many films and TV shows and are now located in a national park. Take care though because the sand is extremely hot, take care to not cook your feet.

These are just a couple of ideas as to what you might be able visit while in Fuerteventura, rest assured that there are plenty of others out there.



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