Destinations for the month of March (part 3)

Destinations for the month of March  (part 3)

The month of March has barely started and we’ve been talking about destinations for the month of March since before this happened and today we’ll look at a couple more.

Adelaide – Australia

We rarely talk about Australia, not because it’s not worth talking about – because it is – but because it’s such a far away destination that one needs to have one solid plan to visit there.

In case you do have such a plan to visit in March, you should at least make a quick detour to South Australia and join the party at WOMADelaide.

This is an annual festival celebrating world music, dance and arts and is held over the 7-10 March holiday weekend in the city’s Botanic Park and usually features an enviable line-up of artists.

The programme starts in the morning till evening and thanks to the location there are lots of green spaces around to throw down a rug and relax.

Adelaide itself is a rather quiet city, characterized by wide, tree-lined boulevards and picturesque sandstone buildings and is filled with creative and friendly energy.

Budapest – Hungary

The Budapest Spring Festival is one of the country’s most prestigious cultural events, a period of time in which the city’s spirits soar on the wings of great music. The Festival takes place during the last two weeks of March when over 50 performances including opera, concerts, ballet, dance and theatre take place all throughout the city.

It’s a great way of taking in a boat-load of culture and when you’re in the mood for a break you can load up on a boat and take a cruise on the Danube or simply stroll the grandiose boulevards of the country’s capital.

After which, if you’re in need of some relaxation you can take in another of the local experiences, namely the spas and swimming pools because the city is built upon hundreds of thermal and mineral springs.

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