Top space-saving travel tech (part 3)

Top space-saving travel tech (part 3)

Today we’re continuing to look into our bag and into how to make them better for when we travel with our list of space-saving travel tech.

Keep light on the charger cords

There are lots of devices that use the same kind of charging cords, for instance the Kindle, Nintendo DS, Blackberry and most if not all Android devices use the same kind of cord. Actually European cellphones made from 2012 onwards all use micro USB cords to charge – this is of course not the same for Apple products – but don’t confuse these with the mini USB cords used by most compact cameras.

The great thing about this European standard of cords is that they are very easy to find pretty much wherever you’ll go within the continent, so in case you lose yours or it gets damaged, you can easily replace it.

Alternatives to notebooks

One way of traveling lighter is to replace your heavy laptop with a compact netbook, or you might want to get a bluetooth keyboard which you can connect to your smart device. In case you’re interested in having Internet connectivity but not a lot more, then choosing a Kindle Fire, Nook HD or some other type of tablet will do just fine.


Skype is an incredible communication tool to have with you on your travels, especially if you’re visiting places with decent Internet connectivity. You can install it on your smart device and keep in touch with friends and family without the massive costs of international phone calls.

It’s highly likely that you and most, if not all, of your friends and family have a Skype account, so contacting them during your trip won’t be a problem. Even if that is not true, you can also call phones which do not have Skype installed – these will cost it’s true – but much less than your carrier would and you’ll be paying in your home currency anyway.

There are still a few more tips related to space-saving travel tech which we’ll be discussing in our next, and possibly last article in this list.

Till then, keep in mind some worldwide car rental services for when you travel.