A Guide To Travel Australia As A Volunteer

A Guide To Travel Australia As A Volunteer

Australia is default destination backpackers worldwide, and it’s not just because Australian travel is so very rewarding. This extraordinarily diverse continent also offers some of the best opportunities to travel for free – as a volunteer.

Volunteer Work Types

Australia has need of many extra pairs of hands to assist with a range of projects. These projects offer plenty of opportunities for cultural exploration and high adrenaline adventures as well.

  • Habitatand wildlife sanctuary conservation,restoration, protectionand rehabilitation
  • Native fauna planting for protection against erosion
  • Scientific conservation management research
  • Threatened species and ecosystemssurvey
  • Sustainability and nature appreciation education
  • Construction of eco-tourism facilities

Volunteer Work Opportunities

There are several opportunities for you to travel and work as a volunteer in Australia. Here are a few of them.

  1. Conservation Volunteers

You can do your bit to conserve Australia’s stunning natural beauty and its amazing wildlife by working with local volunteer organizations. At Kangaroo Island, South Australia, depending on the current requirements for hands, work involves feeding the little penguins, building conserves for kangaroos and koalas, and protecting the fauna of the rainforest.

  1. WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

You can enjoy free board and lodging in exchange for a day’s work on an Australian farm. The minimum work period is a week, to several years. There are hundreds of farms and vineyards all over Australia that would be glad to hire labor during harvest, calving and grape-picking seasons.

  1. Turtle Teams, Worldwide

Join the many small groups in Australia that help to protect and conserve the habitats of threatened sea turtles. Plenty of hands are needed, even if you can afford to help just for a night. For more information, see www.seaturtles.org and www.cccturtle.org.

  1. Peace Corps

Through the Peace Corps you can volunteer for a variety of projects, from environment conservation to healthcare. You’ll need to commit 27 months of your life to the Peace Corps.

  1. i-to-i Australia

i-to-i offers an unbeatable opportunity for more than 5000 volunteers a year to work on varying projects, such as wildlife, community welfare, building, conservation, teaching, work experience and sports coaching. i-to-I offers short term project work, of 1 to 4 weeks duration. You might be asked to volunteer in any area, so be prepared.

  1. International Student Volunteers (ISV)

Through ISV, you can join up for a number of volunteer programs, ranging from conservational to humanitarian projects. ISV combines volunteering with cultural adventure travel. They encourage young people to work with animal conservation, children’s education, ecosystem rehabilitation and community infrastructure building.

  1. International Volunteers for Peace (IVP)

This non-government organization promotes justice and peace via voluntary work. Volunteers can join up for worthwhile community projects in Australia and around the world. See www.ivp.org.au for more information.

  1. Palms Australia

Palms Australia is a non-government organization that recruits and trains volunteers for placement in community needs and environment projects. You can choose to work for a period of 2 years within Australia or abroad.

  1. Youth Challenge Australia

This Australia-based organization engages young Australians as volunteers to work on sustainable development, education and conservation projects. Average project duration ranges from 5 to 10 weeks.