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Constanta trip

Constanta trip

On a Constanta trip you’ll be visiting one of the oldest geographical regions in Romania, and also one of the most beautiful, because the Black Sea is usually just a short walk away. Constanta is located in the larger region known as Dobrogea, and this region is one of the country’s largest tourist attraction, thanks to several reasons.

Main amongst these reasons is of course the presence of the Black Sea and the beaches, but the geography, the climate, the nature reserve and the history of the region also play a major part in its popularity.

Of the 244 kilometers that is the total length of access that Romania has to the Black Sea, a bit over a hundred kilometers are made up of beaches and a plethora of resorts named after the planets of the solar system and not only, are there ready to cater to a variety of requirements from a variety of tourists.

As far as the city of Constanta is concerned, it too has quite a few attractions to offer, and let’s start with the Museum of National History and Archaeology. The museum is located inside a building built between 1911-1921which was initially meant to be the Town Hall. The style of the building is typical of the Romanian school of architecture pioneered by I. Mincu. The exhibits range from the oldest times of human inhabitance of the region, the most famous pieces being Glykon the Fantastic Serpent and the Thinking Man.

Another testament to the history of the region are the ruins of the Histria fortress. This was the oldest city founded on the territory of what today is Romania, by Greek colonists during the 7th century BC. The city flourished for more than 1300 years and then history happened.

Anyway these are just two examples of what you could see and do while in Constanta, make sure you employ our Constanta car hire services and you’ll enjoy your trip that much more. our services are employable from the Constanta Airport as well.



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