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Mallorca trip

Mallorca trip

Going on a Mallorca trip will have you visiting the largest of the Balearic Islands, that only sixty years ago had only a very small airstrip. In contrast, today it gets about ten million visitors each year, most if not all of them in search of sun, sea and sand.

And while the beaches are ever –present and easy to get to, since we are on an island after all, there is more to Mallorca than just that, because you can’t be such a popular destination without growing and developing to satisfy an increasing number of varied tourists.

For those who are very urban-centric, Palma de Mallorca will possibly be their main stop for shops and the like, while those with a bit of an adventurous streak will find the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range very appealing, not to mention that olive groves and pine forests cover large parts of the island.

Mallorca may be well-known for its beaches, but these are mostly limited to the north part of the island, and the large majority of beaches that you’ll find here are all under the influence of tourist development, maybe with an exception here or there, but this isn’t the place you visit if you’re looking for a wild and rugged beach experience.

You can also find a couple of beaches along the south coast, and these might be less developed than those on the northern coast. Traveling from one to another shouldn’t be a big problem, especially if you employ our Mallorca car hire services – which are also available from our Mallorca airport car hire office – and while you’re doing that, take some time and explore some other locations and sights on the island.

One very interesting attraction would be the Monestir de Lluc which is a huge and very austere monastery complex, built during the 17th and 18th centuries.



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