Choosing a Caribbean island for your holiday (part 3)

Choosing a Caribbean island for your holiday (part 3)

We’re continuing our look into choosing a Caribbean island for your holiday with a slew of other islands in the region.

British Virgin Islands

These are the richer yet paradoxically less-developed versions of the US Virgin Islands. The lack of development might be due to the fact that they are also more isolated than the US ones. There are over forty islands in the region and they’re a great spot for yachties and divers, with the main island, Tortola offering more urban and glitzy diversions.


The once very-politically-isolated island is slowly starting its way towards some reform and this is making it an increasingly interesting travel destination.

Cuba is like an island-wide time capsule, it’s is quite a wonderful experience, even though its urban beauty is disintegrating, that is part of its weird charm. Colonial-style architecture can be found all throughout the place, as well as a still very rural very agrarian society.


This medium-sized island isn’t focused solely on tourism, it has a very beautiful and very famous historic harbor as well, however the isolated beaches scattered around the place make.


Though it doesn’t have as many beaches as most other places that we’ve talked about till now, it is the region’s unspoiled gem featuring peaks and valleys that are carpeted in rain forest and imbued with the sounds of waterfalls.

Dominican Republic

This large country features world-class resort and great beaches, plenty of colonial-era history and wonderful trekking opportunities inland.


This used to be a British colony and today it features one of the region’s most interesting capitals, St. George’s, alongside some small but very inviting beaches with rainforest-clad hills as backdrop.


This destination is for those looking for relaxation more than anything from their Caribbean holiday. The French-accented Guadeloupe offers that in spades with warm sandy beaches and good food.