Choosing a Caribbean island for your holiday (part 2)

Choosing a Caribbean island for your holiday (part 2)

Today we’ll continue our look into the still wide array of Caribbean island getaways that you can choose from when planning a vacation in the sun, surf and sand.

Puerto Rico

The highlights of old San Juan are its rich Hispanic culture, tangible history as well as big beach resorts and the potential for gambling. The sprawling colonial throw-back is actually very much alive, buzzing and thriving even.

St-Martin/Sint Maarten

This is a small island that is shared by two rather distinct cultures, Dutch and French. Their original countries are quite different even on the European mainland but here that contrast is more prevalent since they’re so close together. The French part is for those who are looking for a more quiet time, while the Dutch part is for those looking to party down seriously.


This is the place to go if you’re looking for the traditional beach experience, small and filled with amiable local culture as well as the occasional luxurious villa here and there; a great destination for those looking for isolating themselves with style and luxury.


The medium-sized island is ringed with a plethora of little beaches and a lot of resorts that range in size and level of comfort.


Located on the edge of the Atlantic, the medium-sized island of Barbados is an ideal destination for surfers, wind-surfers and budget sunbathers. The British accents that are audible all over the place make Barbados also a great destination for the more traditional types who dress for dinner.


You may not have heard of this one, it is a rather tiny island after all, but it is a quite interesting one and famous in certain circles for its spectacular offshore diving opportunities. The history of the place is also quite interesting, and its main city of Kralendijk is quite a pleasant place to stay and walk around.