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Bordeaux, a few travel suggestions

Bordeaux, a few travel suggestions

France is a destination for all seasons, which is something we’ve already agreed on, so today we say, let’s go sailing down the Garonne River, all the way to Bordeaux, a few travel suggestions coming your way.

Bordeaux is the pearl of the Aquitaine, the region it is the capital center of. The old town center is also referred to as “Sleeping Beauty”, because of the black walls due to pollution. Today, however, this problem is no longer the case: the city boasts relatively fresh air and is a prominent cultural, economic and tourist center.

The outstanding 18th-century architecture in town is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city is also emblematic because of the wine produced here – called, predictably enough, Bordeaux. If you’ve been to Paris and visited the great Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, a visit to Bordeaux’ very own cathedral, Saint Andrew’s, will be like coming home. This 12th century gothic construction is grand, impressive and unadorned on the outside. If you are lucky enough, you may also get to attend an organ concert during your visit.

I don’t know you, but whenever I visit a new place, I just need to visit at least a museum. One of the highlights in town is the Museum of Beaux-Arts. The museum is a beautiful tour of the European cultural legacy from the 15th-century to date. The Dutch 17th-century painting trend is represented, but also the 19th-century is prominently depicted in works by Delacroix, Rodin and Renoir. There are masterpieces by Titian and Veronese from the Renaissance and visitors can admire both permanent and temporary collections.

The great thing about the Arts Museum in Bordeaux is that it is set in the midst of the beautiful and quiet Jardin de la Mairie. You can travel all around the city with Bordeaux airport car rental.