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Blackpool trip

Blackpool trip

On a Blackpool trip you’ll be visiting what is considered by many to be the best fun-by-the-sea-type resort in Britain. It’s visited by over twelve million people each year thus making it the top holiday resort, thanks to two major attraction the Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the Blackpool Tower.

It has managed to maintain its popularity by constantly updating its attractions, nowadays offering high-tech, 21st-century amusements meant to thrill even the most digitally connected and cynical of observers.

The Blackpool Pleasure Beach isn’t exactly a beach, it’s actually a 16-hectare collection of more than 145 rides, a massive number that attracts about seven million visitors each year, easily the best amusement park in Britain.

The major rides include the Big One, the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Europe which reaches 85 mph before starting a near-vertical descent of 75 meters; the Ice Blast which takes u you a 65m steel tower to then return you back to earth at 89mph; then there’s the Infusion which features no less than five loops, a double-line twist and a suspended looping coaster.

It’s true that the modern and high-tech rides draw the biggest numbers but the place also has a wonderful collection of old-style wooden roller coaster, one of them dating from 1923, these ‘woodies’ are totally worth a see if not a ride.

The Blackpool Tower was built in 1894, a 150 meter-high tower that is by far Blackpool’s most recognizable landmark. It too features entertainment opportunities on the inside, such as the continent’s largest indoor jungle gym as well as a dinosaur ride and a Moorish circus. However, the highlight of the tower is a wonderful rococo ballroom, featuring very high-detail sculptured and gilded plasterworks, murals and chandeliers.

There are still quite a things to see and do while there, so make sure to employ our Blackpool car hire services while on your trip.