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Best Weekend Trips around Europe – Part 2

Best Weekend Trips around Europe – Part 2

As promised, we return with more suggestions of Best Weekend Trips around Europe you can enjoy. Today’s article take you to other European cities you should check out.

Fairytales or viking raids? One of the most prosperous and tolerant countries in Western Europe, Denmark offers a wide variety of awesome places to go. Apart from the beautiful city of Copenhagen, here are a couple of options you may also like to look into. With its fairy-tale atmosphere, cobble-stone streets, gothic architecture and eccentric, interesting statues, Odense, the hometown of national Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen explains where he took his inspiration from. For about 25 Euro, you can also visit the 16th-century castle of Egeskov Slot outside the town.

Also in Denmark, you can reminisce the wild Viking raids in the Faroe Islands, now a self-governing region in Denmark. You can make a short trip to the seaside tiny village of Funningur, where apparently the Vikings first stepped ashore. The island has a dramatic landscape, guarded by high cliffs and washed by the cold waves of the sea, but the hotels and guesthouses in the region are more than decent and modern.

Our next stop is in the sunnier, warmer and happier part of Europe. We invite you to Portugal to enjoy the sweet melancholy rhythm of the Fado traditional music. You can enjoy a Fado night in Lisbon, and before this, we recommend you take a tour of Sintra to see its fairy-tale colored castle or stop by Europe’s largest Casino in Estoril. Local companies offer great Portuguese tours and transfers.

You may get attractive deals for plane tickets and lodgings and book your local transportation online in advance, to be sure you can enjoy all that the destinations have to offer. All you have to be is be inventive and browse the Internet frequently!