Best European summer festivals (part 2)

Best European summer festivals (part 2)

Summer is slowly starting to show itself in more and more of the Northern hemisphere, it’s not here just yet, but more the reason to look into the best European summer festivals that you might want to check out on your summer vacation.

Roskilde Festival – Zealand, Denmark

For most of the year, the university city of Roskilde – located on Zealand, the largest of Denmark’s 406 islands – is home to visitors interested in the region’s Viking heritage. But for the past forty years or so, festival-goers have been heading here to witness the Roskilde Festival, northern Europe’s largest music and culture festival, expect to see some of the hard rockingest acts from around the globe.

One interesting fact about the Roskilde festival is that this is a non-profit festival and every year all the proceeds are donated to humanitarian and cultural causes around the globe. The week-long even will be taking place starting 29 of June till the 6th of July in 2014.

Festival Internacional de Benicassim – Spain

The four-day festival is one of the old continent’s biggest festivals and considering how ‘large’ Benicassim is, that’s no mean feat. The small Valencian resort town has been a popular destination since the 19th century and it stretches along the coast for six kilometers.

The festival leans heavily towards the mainstream but the party atmosphere is what you’re going there to experience. You can camp on site – but keep in mind that it’s gonna get really hot during the day.

Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts – Somerset, England

Quite possibly one of the world’s most iconic festival, Glastonbury spreads over hills and fields in rural Somerset. Entire cities of tents sprout up from the ground that is also home to ancient standing stones and then you add in the hippies, art exhibitions and a whole lot of other things and we haven’t talked about the atmosphere. The acts lined up for Glastonbury are always a mix of big names and less mainstream acts, so rest assured that you’ll have what to do.

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