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Valencia trip

Valencia trip

A Valencia trip will mean that you’ll not only be visiting the city called Valencia, but that you may also be visiting the Valencia region on the whole, and what a great region to be in during your holiday.

The interesting thing about the Valencia region is that, while it is in Spain, and has many Spanish things about it, it is also somewhat removed from Spain because for about five hundred years it was under the control of the Moors and then its Christian history has been shaped very much by Catalonia. Its neighbor to the north has been so important to the region’s history and development that the Valencia region’s flag sports the red and yellow stripes of Catalonia and many inhabitants of Valencia speak Valenciano, a dialect of Catalan. So when you consider this very mixed history, you should understand why the place has this sort of dichotomy about it.

Valencia the city, is very well-known for its constantly thumping nightlife and variety of events that take place all year-round, such as the Las Fallas festival which takes place in the spring.

As mentioned earlier the region is much more than just the capital, or just the surroundings, however the surrounding have to be mentioned considering how they contain several coastal resorts, historic sights and great beaches.

Depending on where exactly you’ll be visiting, you can benefit tremendously from our Valencia car hire services because having a car at your disposal will undoubtedly come in handy. It just depends on the type of traveler you are, and if you’re the type who wants to see as much of a place as possible in their time there, then getting behind the wheel and driving around Valencia city and Valencia the region is definitely in the cards with a rental car.



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