Destinations for June (part 1)

Destinations for June (part 1)

The month of June is almost upon us and the temperatures are steadily rising all throughout Europe and North America – not to mention in parts of the world where it’s warm anyway such as sub-saharan Africa, so we’re making a list of various destinations for June that might interest you.


You might think that this is a pretty hot destination year-round but you’ll be glad to know that the desert air cools over Namibia in June, which means rather pleasant daytime temperatures and crisp, clear nights. The clear nights make for great stargazing.

The month of June is one of the few months when hikers can take on the second largest canyon in the world: Fish River. This is a multi-day 85km trail placed along the floor of this 550m-deep, 27km-wide rift in the earth’s surface. Make sure to climb up the parabolic dunes at Sossusvlei, some of the world’s tallest.

The dip in temperature also comes with a drying up of the air and landscape which pushes the wildlife to congregate around the ever-shrinking waterring holes.

Sarawak – Malaysian Borneo

June sets off the dry season as well as Sarawak’s most important festival: Gawai Dayak.

During the season the longhouse doors are flung ope for several days of rice-harvest merrymaking and visitors are invited to participate in traditional dances as well as the possibility of joining locals in rice wine toasts.

The drop in humidity and precipitation lends itself to allowing the exploration of the regional green spaces such as the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre and the majestic forested bluffs of Bako National Park.

There are obviously way more destinations for June which we’ll talk about in the near future, but till then keep in mind our worldwide car hire services when planning your vacation this year.