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South Korea trip

South Korea trip

south-korea-tripJapan might be the more well-known destination in the overall region, but a South Korea trip will prove to be a great destination for the tech-leaning traveler but also for those who are looking to get a better grasp on the region’s traditions and culture, which are quite different from Japan’s.

The country’s capital, Seoul, is the economic powerhouse of the country that is the third-largest economy in Asia, and it’s a city constantly on the move, functioning round-the-clock with a ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude that reflects the nation’s can-do spirit.

Despite its differences and sometimes tense relationship with Japan, South Korea does have a thing in common with the other Asian power, in that a mere hour away from the urban sprawl you can find a reverence for the traditional and tranquility atop craggy mountain peaks and forested national parks which are threaded through with very picturesque and quite challenging hiking trails.

But not many potential visitors realize that South Korea has a bunch of islands as well that are quite off the beaten path. These are places where farming and fishing are still the main ways of life and existence and where people welcome you into their homes and you can find very simple and traditional seafood cafes. You can also find the serenity of a Buddhist temple retreat where the honk of traffic is replaced by meditation and the rhythmic pre-dawn chants of shaven-headed monks.

And these are just a couple of facets of the place because if this sounds too peaceful, rest assured that the Republic of Korea can also rock. There are a bunch of countrywide festivals that one can attend and these range from traditional art to music and of course to food, and everyone should be interested in the latter one because there are few better ways of getting acquainted with a place’s culture than through its cuisine.

This is just the start of our look at South Korea, rest assured we’ll be checking out various places from it in the future but consider some South Korea car hire services if you’re planning a trip there nonetheless.