Shopping in Hong Kong

Shopping in Hong Kong

Shopping in Hong Kong has always been an exhilarating experience! Shoppers from Asia and all over the world flock to the Island of Hong Kong to be well-immersed in their culture. Staying in amazing 5 star hotels then going out for a full day of shopping is one of the best ways to spend your time for both men and women alike. Shopping is one of the most evident cultures of the people in Hong Kong. So if you want to be more knowledgeable on their way of life, go shopping in Hong Kong and see for yourself the exquisite and exhilarating experience of the joy of shopping.


Shopping in Hong Kong can be considered as a great adventure for many people because it is only in Hong Kong that you can go to different shopping options which range from the world class shopping centers that offer highly-branded products like LV, Channel and other famous brands in the world. Aside from these, you can also experience their lively street markets that make up more than half of the percentage of the shopping districts in Hong Kong.

Be adventurous! Indulge and immerse to different cultures in Hong Kong, especially Shopping!


Hong Kong Shopping Reminders

1. Nowadays, we are gearing towards becoming a cash-less society which means that credit and debit card usage is becoming the high trend when it comes to shopping. So prepare your Visa Card, American Express Card, and other credit and debit cards for your Hong Kong Shopping.

2. Shops are still open even during Spring Festival. The Spring Festival offers a very good shopping opportunity because a lot of shops launch discounts during this period to attract more customers. Big malls and shopping centers even extend their mall hours to accommodate more shoppers who take advantage of the festival.

3. If you want to save money, avoid shopping centers which carries the sign “Excellence” granted by Hong Kong Tourist and Development Bureau because, although their products are guaranteed excellent, their prices are also guaranteed to be skyrocketing.

4. Always keep receipts of the things that you bought so that you can check later on if the amount you paid is the exact amount of the items you bought.

5. If you any problem with regards shop owners, you may call HKTB’s Quality Tourism Services for help. Their hot line number is 28062823.


Remember, shopping could be the ultimate and the most enjoyable experience especially when you are in another state, but it is always remember that you are exposed to different cultures and different types of people. Otherwise, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and emerge in the rich and diversified cultures of Hong Kong through shopping!