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General facts about traveling to southern Italy

General facts about traveling to southern Italy

It’s a rather well-known fact that the Southern part of Italy isn’t the wealthiest past of the country but there are many who consider that southern Italy has the soul of the country while the north holds the finances. This is Italy’s most ancient, complex and seductive parts, so let’s look at them for a bit.

Southern Italy has been the crossroads of civilizations for literally thousands of years and as a result of this, the surface area of southern Italy is littered with great cultural legacies, from those of the Greeks and Romans to Saracens, Normans and Spanish. Make sure you visit the Greek temples of Segesta and paestum and of course you simply have to see the remains of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Make sure to compare the Byzantine glitter of Sicily’s cathedrals to the darkness of Caravaggio’s Flagellazione in Naples.

One of the best ways of immersing oneself into any local culture is of course by partaking into the glorious food that southern Italy has to offer. This is after all the region of Napolitan wood-fired pizza and serious espressos, as well as the lazy lunches of Pugliese farmhouses and the fresh taste of just-caught sardines on a Tyrrhenian island. Then there’s the wonderful pastries of Palermo’s pasticcerie – pastry shops – and of course the various other vegetable mysteries that the place holds.

In terms of natural attractions, take your pick from rugged mountains, still-smoldering volcanoes and glittering coastal beaches, the south of Italy makes for a giant playground just waiting to be explored.

These are just a very generalized look at the whole that southern Italy truly is, and you can rest assured that we’ll be talking about various destinations and attractions within its borders in the future as well, but till then don’t forget our Italy car hire services in case you’re already planning a trip to southern Italy.



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